The Summer Program 



The Africode Summer Program is an intensive coding program where young Africans will get the opportunity to learn how to code primarily in Java and web based programming languages. Africoders will also design and implement a project that helps Africa in some way. The Africode Summer Program was developed to achieve the following three main goals:


1. Technical Skills: Young Africoders will learn how to code and use the coding skills gained to implement a technical project that impacts their community (more generally, the African continent) in a positive way. This project can be as simple as creating a website to advertise a trader's goods and services to the outside world.


2. Mentoring: Young Africoders will be given the opportunity to meet with some present technical leaders, entrepreneurs and other eminent people on the African continent. These leaders may also provide professional and academic mentorship for Africoders. 


3. Exposure: Africoders will be given the opportunity to visit key places in Africa for inspiration on their final project. These places may include local businesses, hospitals, mechanic workshops etc. The program also incorporates a visit to a tech company in Abuja, Nigeria.


The next Africode Summer Program will happen in 2017.