Africode Mentorship: Nkem & Ore

Nkem Okoye.jpg

Nkem Okoye: Mentor

What do you currently do? Technical Program Manager at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. My responsibilities include initiating and executing technological enhancements to the field and client facing platforms.

What are some of your interests/hobbies? Learning from people or activities. I truly enjoy meaningful conversations and enlightening discussions. I also enjoy cooking, biking and reading about news in technology, education and the international community.

What first got you interested in tech (or your work/major)? My passion for technology started in Primary School, class 6. I was fortunate to have a computer science teacher who took interest in me. When we were supposed to be 3 students to a desktop, she tried to make sure I either sat in the middle, or if possible, had a computer to myself. I loved that in using a software, you could create something new. I was also fascinated with the design and implementation of programs in an intuitive manner so I never had to read a manual to figure things out. Growing up, I also spent time playing a lot of computer games, and that deepened my interest in tech.

Have you built anything (product/project) interesting or is there something you would like to build? A product I worked on that was fulfilling was a support portal for online graduate students. This was an exciting platform to build because it was important to focus on the user’s behavior and unique needs in order to design a platform that differentiated itself, was not overwhelming and was relevant to the audience. In addition to being the Product leader, I was responsible for defining the requirements, user studies, content and some part of the coding. The project stood out for its well thought-out design and seamless implementation and my team was awarded the best project out of 21 others showcased.

How would you like to use your skills to contribute to Africa development? I want to be part of the support system for people who are striving to make it, and for those who may not realize that they are brilliant and well equipped to excel. I would like to focus on revamping education in Africa as well as connecting people and resources.

Ore Runsewe.png

Ore Runsewe: Mentee

What do you currently do? I’m freshman Computer Engineering major at Howard University.

What first got you interested in tech (or your work/major)? I chose Computer Engineer not just because of the huge fortunes that have been associated with the occupation but also because I was told severally to do something I would enjoy doing. I have always enjoyed inspecting computers and electrical devices trying to see how certain things were put together and one thing I have realized is that I get to understand these things very quickly. With this ability to understand, I feel I can develop and even create ideas that will be executed in the physical world. Another factor that led me to choose this major is its diverse nature. As a computer engineering major I am not restricted to one occupation. I can choose to work as a programmer, software analyst, game developer and many more.

How would you like to use your skills to contribute to African development? With the diverse nature of the job, I believe I can make an impact in so many areas to develop Africa and the rest of the world. My ultimate dream as a computer engineer is to work at Apple and then create my own Tech company in my home country, Nigeria, that will provide the technological needs for the government, the people and even private organizations at good economic rates.