Mentee Application Form

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Be enrolled in a college, university or computer science bootcamp program.

  • Be studying Computer Science or a related field.

  • Devote an hour per month to connect with mentor and mentee pod. Mentor - mentee meetings can be held in person or over phone or video call via Whatsapp/Skype/Hangouts/FaceTime.

  • Have a predefined academic or career goal to pursue for the entire duration of the mentorship program.

  • Complete and submit monthly reports detailing any progress made towards achieving your predefined goal(s).

  • Be willing to receive advice and guidance from a mentor in order to help you build a great foundation to start your career in Tech.

  • Be an active contributor in the Africode Forum - this may include posting relevant content, sharing opportunities, asking questions or help other members with their questions.

  • Application Deadline is on August 31st 2019

  • Note: This program begins in September 2019


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