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AfricodeX Tutorial: Start Building Apps on the Cloud

Knowing how to build applications on the Cloud is one of the top skills Tech employers look for on resumes. If you have not caught up with Cloud development, let AfricodeX upgrade you!

In our next AfricodeX tutorial, our CEO, Adebisi Oje, who also works as a Solutions Architect @ Microsoft, will be giving an introduction to the Microsoft Cloud (Azure). 

What will you learn?

  • At a high level, where Microsoft Cloud is as compared to other cloud providers
  • How to get started leveraging some of the Azure cloud services, specifically Azure App services and Virtual Machines
  • Spin up  and connect to virtual machines (Windows and Linux)  
  • Create a web application and host it on Azure 
  • Scale "up and down"  the virtual machines behind our web application 
  • Monitor cloud services and get alerts 

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